A shoulder to cry on

wassup diari!wassup wordpress udah lama ya rasanya sekian lama sekian banyak yang terjadi semoga memories never fade.

Yap! i want to say :

i succeed  my brandnew,

yah moving on I cant tell you who he is,but he is my sunbae hehe.

Everyday is changing and different with yesterday,so does tomorrow.i can say that it is really impossible to bond each other,since iam my self decided and dedicated to not having any relationship until right time comes,i can say that is why i have no single relationship’s experience.

The consequences,i will maintain our distances,i did this to all people,i mean boy.But thing that stucked is ,when i do this what is the risks ? he gone?possible is exist January 2015,what we can say ,but day by day we found out many things,i just want to tell terrible things happened this January ,i found out more,when i this kind of fall,my parents still brush my hair,even they were the sorry.

Deep in ,i really didn’t deserve this. the one that i crush on,i really thanks to you,you are even exist in shadow text,and my  imaginary that you are the shoulder that i cried on.but now ,my parent presents,i hope we can see each other eventough i will try to hide now on. brief about you smile ,eyes, talkies, and 1 more : hair (i saw your hair that day,kind of prevert voyeurer sorry )


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