Lil of Your Time

Dear My Woo Journal,

“You are not A Millionaire? You Are not a Adidas’s CEO daughter or son? You are not intheritance SAMSUNG’s eternal family charity?or You just sing Bruno Mars Billionaire so fucking bad?” 

Come On ! Thats just my line

PHILANTHROPIST ,Thank God,They are exist

I just found that PHI-LAN-THRO-PIST is:

1.One who actively promotes human well being 2. YOU

We know ,Few  Millionaire and Billionaire fighting,struggling,and going to bankrupt due to they are a philanthropist. TRULY AMAZING ! I think people ,normally will think twice while choosing bankrupt,when they got money trees.

Philanthropist ,Thank You .You dont need to become richperson to start a philanthropist activities.You ,as a student, you can smile to every single people you meet and cross along to university buliding or go home.You can fight for human right.Or fight for pollution and protect forest and Ozone layer.Thats depend on is better spend your Pleasure Time to do something.You Just Need Lil Of Your Time!!



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